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Our Green Efforts Include...

  • Indoor lights in public spaces are on timers; outdoor floodlights are on motion sensors.

  • Use CF bulbs

  • Grow our own herbs, edible flowers and small vegetable garden.

  • All cardboard and glossy paper is taken to our township recycling collection area.

  • Shop at and support locally owned retailers

  • Use Energy Star appliances

  • Collect lawn, garden and yard waste for local composting

  • Re-use furniture - all of our antiques have been lovingly used by other generations

  • Donate to Goodwill and utilize services such as Craigslist and Freecycle. See www.freecycle.org and www.craigslist.com

  • Take re-usable bags to the grocery store.

  • Pay bills online and receive e-statements.

  • UL-certified power strips provided in guest rooms.

  • Windows and screens kept in good working order so we can open them on days when the temperatures are moderate.

  • All paper, plastic, glass and metal are recycled per the guidelines of our local township recycling committee. See www.westlampeterrecycles.org

  • Guest rooms are individually cooled, therefore eliminating the need to cool rooms that are not in use.

  • Ask guests to partner with us in our green efforts by re-suing towels and sheets.

  • Cistern water, collected by downspouts off the roof, is used to water outdoor plants, wash cars and other uses that don’t require potable water.We also recently istalled a rain barrel to collect runoff water not going into the cistern.

  • Cloth napkins are used at the breakfast table.
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