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Outback Cottage
$179 - $275

Located literally ‘outback’, this cozy bungalow is a world all to itself.  Over 350 sqft, it includes a king sized bed, air conditioning, mini fridge, propane fireplace, hot tub and private bath as well as a large flatscreen TV (with HDMI) and a Keurig beverage maker. The rich jewel tones of burgundy and gold and a décor representative of the Outback whimsy greet you in this cozy space, inviting your retreat from the fuss of the everyday.

What's In A Name? The Outback is the vast, remote, arid interior of Australia. It has neither specific size or location, but is rather a term used to describe any sparsly populated regions of Australia. Other than tourism, agriculture and mining are the main industries here. Fewer than 700,000 people live in this area and over 15% of those are indiginous. 

Maximum Occupancy: 2

Managed & Designed by: Jaime Foll